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Heather stephens making jewellery in her London workshop

My name is Heather Stephens, and I practice and teach the art of making bespoke jewellery from my small personal studio in North London. My passion for jewellery making began during my Applied Art degree – while my classmates worked on huge statues and life-size sculptures, I was drawn to the intricacy of tiny works of art. I spent the final year of my degree focusing on creating silver and gold jewellery, and once I was out in the real world, Heather Stephens Jewellery was born.


Most of my inspiration for jewellery comes from nature – the repeating patterns and groupings that can be found wherever you look, from clusters of barnacles to piles of pebbles, lichen and tree bark – the small details that work together to bring beauty to the big picture. I especially enjoy working with metals for that reason. Materials like silver and gold are a brilliant canvas for creating texture and movement, giving all my pieces an extra dynamic. Where much jewellery is very polished and sleek, I specialise in a more rustic design, giving each item an interesting, handmade feel.


Every single piece of jewellery I make is completely unique – I shape each item by hand and that means you’ll never find two identical rings or necklaces in my collection. A lot of my jewellery is made to order, and I particularly enjoy working with customers to create something individual and personal to them. There’s nothing quite as special as being asked to make an engagement ring or a wedding band, and I’m always honoured to be trusted with something so important and emotional.


As well as making jewellery myself, I also teach classes and workshops. I tailor each lesson to the student, so whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve done some jewellery making before, my two-hour workshops are a great way to build your skills. You’ll also get to go home with a gorgeous piece of handmade jewellery!


I’m always happy to speak to potential customers, so if you’ve got any questions about commissions or classes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

See behind the scenes in my jewellery workshop.


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