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What could make your wedding rings more special than crafting them by hand for one another?


You’ll wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, so why not make sure it’s just perfect? Spend a day with your partner at my studio, where you’ll make your own plain wedding bands. It’s a private class, so the two of you will have my undivided attention as you go through the ring-making process, learning techniques for measuring, sawing, forming, soldering and polishing, and ending up with two beautiful, completely individual rings to celebrate your marriage.

These special sessions are held in my North London studio on Saturdays, from 10:00 until around 4:00, with a relaxed one hour lunch break in which you can visit one of the local restaurants or cafes.  


The day costs £275 per couple, plus the cost of the materials for the rings (there is no materials fee for rings made in sterling silver).


The cost of materials varies, depending on what metal you choose and the thickness you would like the rings to be. Take a look at the list below to get an idea of the cost of various metals (the cost estimates below are for two rings)

Sterling Silver: No materials fee.
9ct Yellow gold: £200- £500
18ct Yellow gold: £400 - £1,150
9ct White gold: £200 - £500
18ct White gold: £400- £1,250

At the end of the day, you’ll be emailed photos of your day to keep as mementos, and show off to your loved ones!


Enfield, North London.

Rings made during workshops:



''We came back from our workshop delighted and thoroughly excited to wear our newly made rings. With her kindness and her patience, Heather created a wonderful atmosphere in which learning was smooth and fun. Time went by so quickly, we want to be back to make other pieces of jewellery!''

     Laura & Daniel

''Making our wedding rings was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Heather was a fantastic teacher and really made the whole experience interesting and fun. Thoroughly recommended 10/10''

''I had the most amazing time making our wedding rings with Heather Stephens. It was both thoroughly enjoyable and really special. I would absolutely recommend this''



If you have any questions about making your own wedding rings, to discuss materials and finishes, or to check dates and prices, please get in touch!

Heather Stephens Handmade jewellery


-When should we book our workshop?

I recommend contacting me and booking your workshop date three or more months before your wedding date when possible.

I recommend doing your 'Make your own wedding rings' workshop at least one month before your wedding date.


-We have no experience with metal work/ jewellery making, can we really make a professional looking rings?


Yes, of course! I will guide you step by step and your finished rings will look professionally made.


-What should we bring?

All materials are provided, so just bring yourselves and glasses if you wear them.

-Can we use an old ring/piece of gold that we already have to make our wedding rings?

No it is not possible to use gold from an old ring or other piece of jewellery to make your wedding rings with. 

-Is the cost of hallmarking included?

Yes the hallmarking costs are included in the workshop for gold rings, sterling silver rings do not need to be hallmarked.

-Can we take our rings home at the end of the workshop?

I will keep hold of your rings if they are made in gold and get them hallmarked for you, this will take approximately two weeks. If your rings are made in sterling silver you can take them home at the end of the workshop.

-Is it a private workshop?

Yes it is a private workshop, you will have my undivided attention for the day and exclusive use of my workshop.

-Can you engrave our rings for us?

No I do not offer an engraving service, but you can get your rings engraved at your local engravers after you have made them.


-Can we make a curved or wishbone shape ring?

No, it is only possible to make classic shaped wedding rings. 


If you have any questions about making your own wedding rings,

to discuss materials and finishes, or to check dates and prices,

please get in touch!

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Browse my collection of handmade wedding and engagement rings.

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