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Ring Size – What You Need To Know

You’ll wear your wedding ring for the rest of your life, so it’s really important that the fit is perfect! Ring sizing is pretty simple, and to help you work out what you need I’ve put together a little FAQ…


Can I measure my ring size at home?

Yes! Get in touch, and I’ll post you an easy-to-use, reusable ring sizer, free of charge!

When you receive your ring sizer, you’ll find that it's very easy to use – simply slide the end through the tab, letters facing outwards, and tighten til you get a comfortable fit. It’s very important that you make sure you can slide it on and off, comfortably, over your knuckle. Once you’ve got a good fit, take a look at the letter to the left of the black arrow. That’s your ring size! For example, in this photo the ring sizer is showing size O.


How are ring sizes measured?

Just like shoes, clothes, distance and more, systems for measuring ring sizes vary a lot across the world, with different countries using different methods. In the UK we use an alphabetical letter system, but in the US and across Europe you’ll find ring sizes measured on a number scale, while other countries simple use millimetres. If you already know your ring size under a different system just let me know, I can easily convert it into the UK equivalent without needing to send you a ring sizer, although it never hurts to double check!


Will my ring size change?

It might sound strange, but the size of your fingers can often change slightly throughout the day! It’s all to do with blood flow – when you’re cold, blood flow reduces through your hands (just a little bit!), causing your fingers to shrink slightly, and the opposite is true when you’re hot, especially after exercise. The changes are small enough that you’re unlikely to notice it, but it does mean that the best way to get an accurate size for a comfortable ring fit is to measure your finger at a couple of different times throughout the day, and go with the biggest size.


What finger do you wear a wedding ring on?

Just like ring size, the finger you wear your wedding ring on can depend a lot on where you are! If you’re in the UK, and a large number of other countries, you’d traditionally wear your wedding ring on the “ring finger” of your left hand – the one next to your little finger. In some other countries, however, you’d traditionally wear your wedding ring on your right hand! There are no rules, and you can wear your wedding ring on whichever finger you choose, but it is very important that you measure the exact finger on the hand you’ll be wearing the ring. This is because most people find that the ring size on their dominant hand (regardless of whether it’s your left or right) is a little bit larger!


Hopefully this information has been helpful – if you’d like to know anything more about ring sizing, please do get in touch, and let me know if you’d like me to post you a free ring sizer.


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