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Choosing the shape/profile of your wedding ring

There’s more to creating the perfect ring than meets the eye, and lots of options available to you to make sure you come up with something exactly suited to you. One thing to think about is the shape, or profile, of the band. You’ve got three main options…

From left to right, flat, D-shaped and round bands.

The distinctions are pretty simple:

· Flat bands have smooth, level inside and outsides of the ring

· D-shaped bands are flat on the inside, and curved on the outside, like the profile of the capital letter “D”

· Round bands are curved on the inside and the outside, giving a circular profile.

The image below shows a cross section of each ring profile - flat at the top, D in the middle (you can see why it's called "D") and round at the bottom.

A D-shaped band is a more traditional choice, while a flat profile gives a more modern look, but the joy of getting your rings tailor-made is that you get to pick whatever works best for you!


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