This classic style women's engagement ring is handmade from 9ct gold in my London studio.


Sparkling in the centre is a beautiful clear round 4mm diamond which is set in a 9ct white gold setting.


The band is made from 1.5mm thick round 9ct white gold wire. This ring is thin enough to be worn next to another ring but thick enough to be robust, making it ideal to wear as an engagement ring. The band has been given a satin finish to the surface of the gold rather than a polished finish, if you would like your ring shiny and polished please leave a message at check out and I will happily polish your ring for you.


Diamond specifications:

The quality of a Diamond is assessed according to four factors, known as 'The 4 C's' - Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight and Cut. The Colour of this particular Diamond is H and the Clarity is SI. The weight of this stone is 0.25 Carats or 25 points (there are 100 points in 1 carat), and the Cut of this stone is known as a Round Brilliant. The size of this diamond measures 4mm.

The ring is then carefully packaged in an elegant gift box.

White gold solitaire diamond engagement ring